linear rail slide

There are many types of telescopic slides available on the market but telescopic ball bearing linear rail slides are by far the best type available. They offer numerous advantages over other types of telescopic sliding solutions such as telescoping sliding rails.The telescopic slides can either be made from aluminum, steel or stainless steel. Stainless steel is preferred because it does not corrode and is therefore more durable than the other materials. The slides made from aluminum and steel may be treated to protect them from corrosion.

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Advantages over Other Sliding Mechanisms

These slides can be used for both vertical and horizontal sliding solutions. The balls slide along a guide rail which is lubricated to reduce friction and reduce wear and tear. The lubrication also helps to reduce binding which may be caused by minor errors in alignment during installation. By making the sliding mechanism smoother, it increases the longevity of the telescopic slide.The ball bearing slides enable movement that is smooth and silent and are a very affordable sliding solution. They are a very durable and low-maintenance solution. You will not have to keep changing them every so often because of wear and tear. They are also very easy to install. When you buy them, you will get a guide showing you how to install and maintain them.


Ball bearing slides are suitable for both heavy duty use and lighter applications. However, they should only be used in clean environments because it is very easy for dirt and grime to get lodged in the rails and affect the sliding mechanism. If used in an environment with a lot of dirt and debris, they should be cleaned regularly to keep them functioning optimally.


The slides have many domestic and industrial applications. They are used in offices and homes as drawer slides. They are also used in the banking industry in cash dispensers, bays, monitors and racks. Many farm equipment also use ball bearing slides. Specialty vehicles such as fire and other emergency vehicles use ball-bearing slides. Other uses include industrial truck bodies, utility vehicles and delivery and industrial service vehicles. Ball-bearing slides are also useful in mechanical engineering as they provide linear motion solutions. They are used in access equipment, production tooling and material handling in various industries. The transportation industry also uses them in automated doors on buses. The marine, aviation and military markets also benefit a great deal from these slides.


The uses of ball bearing slides are numerous and their advantages over other telescopic slides are also countless. They come in different dimensions depending on the intended application. Be sure to choose the right dimensions depending on your application. The slides for heavy duty use are much sturdier than the ones required for things like drawers and racks. Your choice should also be determined by the environment in which you intend to use the slides. If it is a moist environment, you are better off going for stainless steel slides as you can be assured that they will not react with moisture.